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wooden house benefits

       Wooden structures proposed by us have a very high thermal resistance, the costs for heating (or poor) a house made of wood are 5 times less than the expenditure made for the heating (or poor) the same house made of brick. That means that you, the holder of such a case you pay only 20% of the amounts that you pay your neighbor has the same house made of brick.

       Houses are usually presented as having a constructed surface. Of this only a surface area is useful, the rest being walls. Made in the same proposed by us, the house has 15% more usefull space than one made of brick.

       Our building system is the most resistant to earthquakes constructive system.

Moldsilva Suceava


Construction system

       The system that we promote allows judicious use of wood ensure elastic behavior of the structure and avoid the concentration of efforts by the dissipation and spatial relations as a whole.

       The walls of the portal are complete wardrobe 45x135 mm or 45x150 mm and those elements of compartmenting 45x90 mm or 45x100 mm montan?ii are usually at 41, (6) cm of each other and ensure cooperation between traversée panels and uniform distribution of effort. In Germany we adapt to the system requirements Holzrahmenbau (elements of thickness 60 mm with 60 cm distance between the mount).

       For ease of installation, its walls made of panels of 3-5 m in length, easily manoeuvrable on site. Plan?eele intermediate is carried out of the closet 45x200 ... 240 mm, according to the calculation of resistance, and the foundation over the same system or variation in polystyrene which is poured over a spade of cement. The roof structure is all the resistance of the closet 45x220 ... 240 mm, assembled in the timber-holding pliers or truss. Working space is achieved by linear elements of wood, and metal bands, the composite plates of wood chips or boards of astereal?. In larger openings in the area or living in the attic, use laminated wood pasting, facade and interior finish of the wood can be processed using special solutions or modern houses taken over from the brick: plasters on polystyrene or plywood to imitate masonry, vopsitorii the gypsum-cardboard, paper hangings. Mineral wool is incorporated in the thick walls and a roof and plan?eelor and is protected with special polyethylene sheets.

       Specific physical performance and construction of modern methods of treating insectofungicide, these buildings provide the same constructive and functional performance and the same life expectancy as those made of similar masonry, concrete and steel.

Moldsilva Suceava


Materials that we use

       The wood is dried to 16% in the massive walls, massive or laminated wood pasting in the resistance of the floor or roof. Treatment of wood is done in accordance with customer wishes and requirements of the assembly against the mold and micro-cavities or termites, insistându the resistance to moisture or fire - in accordance with specifications and local requirements.

       Structure lining the walls may be of chipboard or OSB type betonyp, just layer support floors. Mineral wool insulation is the best of the moment and is protected with special films, vapor barrier or dispersion thereof, in ventilated areas.

       Thermal floor over foundation can be mineral wool ventilated if floor wooden or polystyrene if adoption solution dig cement.

       Prises structure are hobnailed special antivibrative and grip in chemical wood joints space being doubled by fitting special class SIMPSON, standard or specifically designed for seismic zones.

       For family homes is preferable plywood interior of standard gypsum-board, fire resistant to moisture or mounted directly on the wood or intermediate layers of rulers or chipboard. Exterior plywood paneling can be treated for external pressure in drying stove (clasa4), armed plasters on polystyrene, plywood various special PVC or Vinyl Sidinge, plywood or ceramic adherent layers of ventilated brick front. For holiday homes, both interior finishes and the exterior can be made of wood, accentuându the rustic character of the tire. Învelitorile may be similar to those of brick homes but we recommend a light coverings Flooring and basement isolation or tiles and steel plastizol.

       Carpentry can be layered or wood, PVC or aluminum window with simple or heat, with heat emisivitate reduced or antiefractie antivandalism. Floors, placajele of pottery and tiles, vopsitoriile and zugr?velile - are similar to those of brick houses in the observation that the layer is much support the edges and firm and more rectangular than in classic plasters mortar.

       Materials, installations, routes, or for sanitary, electrical or heating are the most modern of the moment, without any restriction on the use of wood as the main structural material.



       By panelizarea walls and modulating the structure fails to shorten the work site and the process by avoiding the wet tire building may be "close" on the site in record time, any time and in any season.

       Depending on the size and complexity of the house, mounting structure and resealing can run outside of a band of 4-5 workers in 10-20 working days. Productivity system, professional event execution site, is 1.5 - 2.0 hours / sqm built area.

       S.C. Moldsilva SA can provide houses to "key" or we can work with local contractors approved by the client to find and "package" that would be best made from Suceava and the most cost-effective and efficient completion of goals.

Moldsilva Suceava   Moldsilva Suceava   Moldsilva Suceava   Moldsilva Suceava


Materials Export.

       S.C. Moldslva S.A. can export all the components of a house and provide teaching "turnkey" anywhere in Europe. We also have relationships with local entrepreneurs to examine together the components which are made worthy of Romania (in addition to the structure), being aware that the vast majority of materials and finishing facilities which meet the needs in Western European import romania.

       From our experience in work abroad, "minimum package" that would be made in Romania include: all components of the structure of wood, mineral wool and chipboard, wall panels in "closed" or "semi-closed" plan?eele roof and easily assembled into modules. This package can be filled with carpentry of wood, coverings, gypsum-board standard, etc..

       The architectural project should be made by local specialists and strength calculations and design details for the implementation of wood in the workshop design SC Moldsilva S.A.