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Moldsilva Suceava    Our experience over 14 years in wood processing, manufacture and assembly of structures of houses, began to be large enough to allow us to compete for between equals with the strongest companies in this field in Europe.
   Our presence in 12 countries in the EU demonstrate the international nature of our society and that the standard used is 100% compatible with all EC standards. We are constantly concerned about improving the quality of life through the use of organic materials in the construction carried out by us and we can offer solutions for any type of application.
   We place great emphasis on the quality of our homes but keeping the quality / price to a competitive level, accessible to any family.

Mihai Steiciuc

Moldsilva Suceava

Iuliana Stoica, general director Moldsilva

Moldsilva Suceava

administrative team Moldsilva

Adress: Marasesti Street 7A Code 720176, Suceava, Romania
Tel: 0040 230 520237
Fax:0040 230 217459