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wooden house benefits

       Wooden structures proposed by us have a very high thermal resistance, the costs for heating (or poor) a house made of wood are 5 times less than the expenditure made for the heating (or poor) the same house made of brick. That means that you, the holder of such a case you pay only 20% of the amounts that you pay your neighbor has the same house made of brick.

       Houses are usually presented as having a constructed surface. Of this only a surface area is useful, the rest being walls. Made in the same proposed by us, the house has 15% more usefull space than one made of brick.

       Our building system is the most resistant to earthquakes constructive system.


       For the case, given the variety of dimensional and architectural and construction solutions, making a unit price not consider an offer training. We are available to offer general plan proposed by your firm offer or if they are accompanied by explicit specifications.

       For a strict assessment information for a family home in Romania, a floor and attic floor, with a combined area of constructive 120-180 square meters, the unit price for standard solutions "turnkey" (parts and labor for assembly) is 550 -- 650 Euro / sqm. We discuss the possibility of filling materials or works by the client in order to find solutions suitable for all.

       Information for a house built with the area occupied by more than 120 sqm, ground floor with an attic floor, "minimum package" is 130-170 Euro / sqm, and for areas of 250-300 square meters built can get to 110-150 euro / sqm . I called "minimum package" panelizate structural components and resealing exterior (wood, chipboard, mineral wool), ex-works cost Suceava. Add the cost of transport and installation costs - depending on the location and forms of cooperation with the client.

       Holiday home, the price will appreciate by specifying finishes and the height of the building and the homes of the weekend depending on the size and degree of repeatability, wood treatment and thermal insulation requirements.

       Assembly of components that we offer for export can be done by a band of 4-5 workers sent by SC Moldsilva SA, paid at average earnings of construction industry in the country of destination. It will add the costs of accommodation, visas, work permits, using machines assembly, connections to utilities. From the start of a performance contract and the project and details of implementation, approximately 30 days are completed in the workshop and the teaching of "turnkey" after another 60 days.