+25 years
of activity

+200 houses per year
production capacity

of industry experts

international certifications
and accreditations

Moldsilva - The house builder

Currently the company has an annual production capacity of 200 houses of 135-150 sqm. Their final assembly and assembly is carried out entirely by the company's technicians or in collaboration with a company chosen by the client.
The wood structures proposed by us, subjected to an accelerated drying procedure and then treated with different organic substances, confer a very high thermal resistance, until the costs of heating are reduced by 80% compared to a brick or concrete house.

License & Certifications

We are the only company in Romania that is affiliated with NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) in the USA, an external member.

EPAL License

UKAS 2006

ISO 9001:2015

BS EN ISO 9001:2001

Moldovita House

Surface: 136 sqm

Bogdan House

Surface: 150 sqm

Iuliana House

Surface: 190 sqm

Kinole House

Surface: 100 sqm

Putna House

Surface: 115 sqm

Bucuresti House

Surface: 118 sqm

Manufacturing technology

The wood of the walls is solid wood and is previously dry at 16%; The wood of the elements of resistance (floor, roof) is made of solid wood or laminated wood according to requests. The wood treatment is done as requested by the client, in compliance with the durability requirements of the wood, against mold in micro-cavities or termite attack and for resistance to moisture or fire - according to the specifications and local. Description of the wood used. The structure of the wall lining is OSB type, as well as the support level plans. The insulation is made of mineral or basalt wool and is protected by a foil that acts as a vapor barrier and protects the wind walls. The insulation of the floors can be done with ventilated mineral wool (for the wooden floor), or with polystyrene (for the concrete floor).