About us


Moldsilva S.A. is a company specialized in the construction of multi-layered wooden houses with high insulating power and a wooden structure – the so-called “American houses”, Ossature Bois, Holzrahmenbau or Wood Framing.

Founded in 1994 from the experience of a team of professionals in wood processing, Moldsilva is a leading company in Romania that uses the most advanced technologies both in basic wood processing – from cutting to milling and processing – as well as in designing and assembling structures. .

SC Moldsilva S.A. is a member of the Romanian Association of Wooden House Manufacturers (APROCOR) accredited for issuing licenses and certifications of compliance required by European standards. All the works of the company are ISO 9001/2015 certified. Specifically, the standard used is that adopted in France under the name DTU 31.2. The wood used is marked with the CE mark, the company having this right to mark its wood products.

The market for our products is: Romania, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium.

SC Moldsilva S.A. is the only Romanian company affiliated with NAHB (National Association of Home Builders in the United States of America), as an external member. NAHB is, in this sector, the largest association in the world, and its members have access to all the scientific literature on this topic. It can be said that the first version of the APROCOR standard was born with Moldsilva.

Furthermore, the company obtained the certification of the BS EN ISO 9001/2001 certificate from the AJA Registrars in the United Kingdom and the accreditation of the UKAS in 2006, as a guarantee of compliance with the European standards in the design of the factory and the assembly works on the spot.


At present, the company has an annual production capacity of 200 houses of 135-150 square meters. Their final assembly and assembly is carried out entirely by the company’s technicians or in collaboration with a company chosen by the client.

The wood used is spruce or pine, strictly of high quality and selected according to the criteria of sustainability of natural resources, respecting the ecology and protection of the environment, as shown by the certificates of control of the rules and traceability of the wood that accompanies each supply. .

The wood structures proposed by us, subjected to an accelerated drying procedure and then treated with different organic substances, give a very high thermal resistance, until the cost of heating is reduced by 80% compared to a brick or concrete house.

This system also makes it possible to promote a judicious use of wood that guarantees an elastic behavior of the structure and allows to avoid the concentration of efforts that allow the dissipation of forces in all the spatial directions of the house. The first consequence is that, unlike brick houses, a wooden house is earthquake resistant.