SC Moldsilva S.A. is the only company in Romania that is affiliated with NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) in the United States, an external member. It is the largest such association in the world, and its members have access to relevant literature. The first version of the APROCOR standard was born with Moldsilva.

We are certified according to the BS EN ISO 9001/2000 quality standards by AJA registrars in the United Kingdom UK accreditation UKAS in 2006. This helped us to work to the European standards in the design of the factory and on the spot.

We are members of APROCOR and authorized of APROCOR as a company that promotes the right of technology to obtain the best results of the wooden structures (100% compatible with those of Western Europe). We also have the ability to put this technology into practice and take responsibility for maintaining consistent quality and in accordance with the APROCOR standard.

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